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Official Clothier of Ryan Henley

I am a man who enjoys comfort - almost above all else - especially when it comes to clothing. When making my selection for clothing, I take into account: comfort; practicality (pockets and size); and value. For my money, Dockers is the best for all three of my requirements.

Their fabric is soft and their multi-level styling (I prefer the D3-Classic or D4-Relaxed style of fit) ensures you that you will get a great fitting and comfortable pair of pants. For a man who uses his pockets for just about everything, the durability and size of the pockets is another less-sung praise that I have for the brand.

Lastly, there are any number of brands that make khaki pants and slacks that I could shop but Dockers durability and price, in my opinion, makes them the best value, and thus my first choice when I go clothes shopping...every few years. If you can find them at Ross (like I do sometimes) then it is even better.

Let it be known, though, that they're not just khaki pants and slacks - I have a Dockers reversible belt, dress socks, as well as dress shoes - with the overall theme being: "comfort". I am not someone that would be self-described as fashionable, which is why I like Dockers because they make it easy. You're going to find something that you like, that fits well, is comfortable, and looks good - the rest of it will take care of itself.