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Official Bourbon of Ryan Henley

While I do not drink often, I enjoy a good adult beverage on occasion. Jeremiah Weed has a whole line of great products - their signature Cherry Mash being my introduction to their brand - but I focus my pleasures on their Bourbon Liqueur.

It has a kick to it (100 proof) but an unexpectedly smooth finish. It can be drank straight and classy, or mixed into a variety of drinks, as deemed desirable; I've done it both ways and it has never been a bad decision.

It was prominently featured as part of my Super Bowl XLVII cocktail as I mixed it with some seasonable apple juice, creating the drink that I called "Red & Gold", as a tribute beverage to my beloved San Francisco 49ers...who, sadly, lost that day. But the drink was delicious.

At around $16 for a 750mL bottle (here in St. Johns/Portland, OR), I consider it one of the best values in terms of quality of product. I highly recommend it.