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I was first introduced to Stanford's following my collegiate career at the University of Portland, and since that first time, I have been dozens upon dozens of times; even a member in their rewards program (Restaurants Unlimited). What I like about Stanford's is the staff and the food, because, really, that's the whole point of going out to eat.

Usually, I dine at Stanford's alone and sit at the bar, where Christian - the usual bartender when I visit - usually has my drink and food order spot-on; which is a compliment to his work as well as the hiring culture of the establishment (or my predictability...either way...), because I'm not a "regular", but I'm always treated by everyone - the hostess, the waiter, the server, and even the manager - as though I am welcomed and appreciated.

I usually toggle between their club sandwich, the Kruse burger, and the NY Peppersteak. All three are good but here's my breakdown:

Club: It used to be my signature dish a few years back when it was the traditional triple-decker style & $12, I believe. Now, it's just a regular sandwich style (quartered) but $16. So, I will usually only get this one if I'm hungry but not wanting a heavier meal, or if I'm in a relative hurry (it's easier made thus arrives quicker). It's good but I liked it better at the $12 range, haha.

Kruse: In essence, it's a bacon cheeseburger BUT with provolone - I like provolone. If I'm going to be hanging out for awhile or am in no hurry, but not looking for a heavy meal (like last night) I usually will go with the burger. It's a good choice, good burger, I like their fries, and I think the price is reasonable ($15).

NY Peppersteak: I usually only have this on the holidays or special occasions, but it's lights out. Very well seasoned, cooked to preference, and the seasonal veggies and the potatoes au gratin are also quite good. In the past, I was able to sub out for grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes, but I haven't tried that substitution in awhile. It's a heavier meal, though, and also a good idea if you've got nothing pressing on the night and are there to hang out for a bit. There is nothing more disappointing than having to rush a quality steak dinner.

Those are my three primary recommendations, but I've never had anything there that I didn't like, so I reckon that you'd enjoy them, too. If you stop on by, tell them Ryan Henley says 'hello'.