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The May Mayhem Tournament of Champions

The May Mayhem Tournament (of Champions) is a 64-field tournament of my highest ranked friends, in a parody of the NCAA March Madness tournament. 2011 was its inaugural run but it was quite popular and has been a staple in my annual traditions. Its name is derived from the fact that the eventual Regional Champions then play for the Conference Championship, to then play for the Tournament Championship; thus, the winner is crowned the Champion of Champions.


A parody of the college basketball tournament (March Madness), May Mayhem began on May 9, 2011 with an opening round of 64 friends. Unlike the college tournament that is composed of #1-16 in four Regions, I went with a #1-8 in eight Regions. This was mostly because of the diverse groups that the 64-field encompassed: family, co-workers, college friends, acquaintances, etc. In hindsight, the only downside to electing to number #1-8 as opposed to #1-16 is that I had an abundance of #1-seeds which made it more likely that the top seeds advanced.

In 2012, the Tournament format changed to the more traditional bracket format with an Upper-Right Region; Upper-Left Region; Down-Right Region; and Down-Left Region. The same format was kept for the 2013 Tournament, as well.

The biggest change with the 2013 Tournament was the move off of Facebook. Prior, the Tournament was held as a series of Notes on Facebook that was great for the people who I was friends with on the social media site, but not so much for anyone else. Ergo, in 2013 I created a blog for the Tournament that was then able to be posted on Facebook, Google+, and direct email to cover my broad social circles.


The revolving prizes attached to the May Mayhem Tournament of Champions has included:


The May Mayhem Tournament has sought "official sponsors" in the past - usually 3-4 - and in name alone; mostly, the idea was created because - with the funneling effect of the bracket format - there was inevitably a pyramid-shaped gap in the bottom center of the bracket. The solution? Toss in "sponsor" logos. The 2013 sponsor was Maui's World.com, but past affiliations have included My Voice Music and the Foster Family Care Network, on an awareness-based measure. An example of the "sponsor" logos on the 2013 Official Tournament Bracket:

2013 May Mayhem Tournament of Champions Official Bracket

Please visit the Tournament's Official Blog for results on the 2013 Tournament of Champions. The Tournament will likely remain in blog form for the indefinite future; that worked out nicely.